This is Your Wake Up Call!

Lenten Preparation 2015 – Tell the World

Every generation must interpret how they will respond to the great commission to go and tell the world about Jesus. Watch and share this video by Amos Saint-Jean. It is an excellent evangelism tool to capture the attention of others so you can tell!

The Lenten season is about to begin. Try the Daniel Fast and remember to pray three times a day!


Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    Awesome video and oh so timely!!!!! In a time and world where it seems as though people are consumed with themselves and what they can obtain…it’s a wonderful reminder, what we do for Christ will last! And if I might add, another reminder from God’s word found in Luke 12:15 …for a man’s life consisteth not is the abundance of the things which he possesseth.(KJV)

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