This is Your Wake Up Call!

A “But God” Reality

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  1. Wesley Stovall says:

    Thank Ya Lord For The “But God” Situations….I Needed This!!!

  2. Sister San says:

    I am so glad I stopped by this Saturday afternoon and caught this magnificent sermon, ” A, But God, Reality”. Oh you have set my soul on FIRE, a day early. When I step up church tomorrow I will already be filled with the Holy Ghost. I’ll share it with all who will listen, from my iPhone. Thanks preacher, that was Awesome!

  3. Ms. Murphy says:

    Thank you for God for the But God reality…

  4. NLG says:

    Okay Bishop, all alone in my office, I had to live my hands on this one. Aaaaamen! Thank God for the Word, and thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello I would like to know if the sermon are on sale on a cd to purchase.

  6. vanessa davis says:

    Oh I give thanks for this word, my God Bishop McKenzie is a power house I have a but God to stand on every day.Amen

  7. Lord knows!!!! I need this word for this season in my life!!! Thank you Bishop!!!

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