This is Your Wake Up Call!

Welcome to Praycation – A Spiritual Journey

We spent the last few weeks of summer last year on a Praycation. There is still enough summer  left this year to take a break to prepare for the last quarter of this year. You can get started today and invite others to do the same.

The purpose of Praycation is to deepen our relationship with God by consenting to God’s presence and action in our hearts, minds and the ordinary activities in our lives. This will help bring about a freedom from habitual emotional programs and enable us to respond instead of reacting to the present moment. Develop your prayer discipline!

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  1. Brenda Davis says:

    I will be apart of this! Thank you for doing this!

  2. Evita L. Smith says:

    I will take part in the praycation.

  3. Rev. Diana Wailes says:

    Yes, I will join “Praycation” journey for the month of August.

  4. I need a praycation! Let’s go! Are we there yet?

  5. Pamela B. Phillips says:

    Thank you for the invitation. This is one “cation” I know I gotta have! I’m gonna join you on the journey, “Praycation”.

  6. Carolyn Mathis says:

    For me, this is such a need. A lot has been going on in my life and I miss my time with HIM.

  7. Sarah Daniels says:

    Thank You! It’s Past time for a ‘praycation’ in my life! I will be there every day!

  8. Theljewa G says:

    Yes. I will join the Praycation journey

  9. Adriene B says:

    I am excited to go on the Praycation journey for the month of August.

  10. Patrice E. W. says:

    I will join you tonight.

  11. I followed Praycation from day one, and Ohhhh how it blessed me.
    I found I can still hear His voice and remember why I follow Him and His word.
    Thank you so much Bishop.
    You have opened up my bowels of writing to levels I never thought I’d reach and I am writing (or desire to) write more.
    God bless you and your ministry.

  12. Papadi says:

    Yeah will take part in PRAYCATION!!Glory..

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