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Remembering Katrina: Rescue to Restoration

Several years ago many people helped me send a camera crew and journalists to Louisiana and Mississippi to film the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the efforts of many churches who helped to house, feed and help victims get back on their feet. Survivor Stories was aired on TVOne cable television channel, thanks to Cathy Hughes; a PBS station in California, the Afro-American Newspapers, on the NNPA news wire and in many Black weekly newspapers across the country.  Here is just a portion of Survivor Stories.

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  1. RevRobbie says:

    These are stories of pain; but also of the love of God demonstrated through the system of the church. It is a return to the hope and tangible help we are to be to our congregants and our communities – and to the broader society. Matters less the denomination; but more the commitment to love our neighbors as ourselves. This is Christianity at work as we reach forth as God’s hands for a hurt world.

  2. Daphney says:

    I remember it well. Great documentary, but is there an update in the works? I know Spike Lee has a new project… God Bless you, Bishop.

  3. Wow! how we must remember. Devastation,Deceit, and Determination! I’m still praying.

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