This is Your Wake Up Call!

Are you ready to obey your father?

images-25Felecia Teasley

You study, you fast, you pray. But, when Jesus calls on you are you ready to obey?

Mary tells Jesus that there is no more wine at a party that they both were invited to but neither are hosts. Why would she do that? What did she expect him to do? Send his disciples to the “licka-sto”. Or, ask neighbors if he could borrow a few bottles. There was a party going on after all. Evidently, everyone was having a good time and didn’t want it to abruptly end because of no more wine. Jesus himself said, “My hour has not yet come”.

Mary would not have asked Jesus for help if she didn’t believe that he was ready for the task. Next, she told the servants to do whatever Jesus asked them to do. As good servants they were ready and obeyed. They did not question, deny or cry when he called them. Instead, they immediately filled the jars, drew the water and served it on his command. Putting themselves in the position to witness and became a part of one of the most miraculous events to Christianity. Imagine that!

Jesus also used these servants to satisfy his mothers’ request but most importantly to reveal his glory by obeying his father.

Are you ready to obey your father? You may become a part of his next miracle!

Felecia Teasley

Nashville Tennessee

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