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The Authority of Jesus’ Word

march26brandondavis_pictureRev. Brandon A. A. J. Davis
John 8:1-20 (Latin Vulgate Translation)

Our text is a familiar one, one that many preachers have used as a platform to build their purpose driven thoughts and ideas, consumed by those who are listening. Many times we have read this story and only focused on the woman who is presented to be judged by the Pharisees, Jesus, and the watching crowd.

The gist of this story was that the Pharisees brought this woman to Jesus, so that he could pronounce judgment upon her. It was their intent to trap Jesus, for if he failed to condemn this woman for her sin, and have her stoned then he would be considered a lawbreaker, not withholding the fact that the actual law stated that she had to be a betrothed virgin, and the man had to be stoned as well! (Leviticus 20:10 & Deuteronomy 22:22-24) if in fact he did pronounce judgment then he would ensue the wrath of the Roman Government.

With all eyes fix upon him, Jesus responded in a most brilliant manner, “he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Jesus left the judgment up to the individual, to do as Paul suggested in 1 Corinthians 11:28a “Let a man examine his own self…” Once again we find in the gospels Jesus demonstrating who and what he is, He is (de facto) the son of man, and (de jure) the son of God, whose sole purpose is to share the truth of God with the entire world. In the second section of our text we uncover in depth that Jesus is the light of the world, he makes this known in verse 12, by stating “if you know me, then you know the father.” Here Jesus’ main objective is to reveal his true identity, He is not of this world, but he is sent to save this world. Such statements cause those who are listening to ask the shocking question, “Who are you?” Jesus then replies I am who I have claimed to be, Jesus, the son God.

It is important for us to understand during this Lenten season, that Jesus is who and what he says he is. We are charged as followers of Christ to lift high the name of Christ and to tell of him in all his offices, Christ born, Christ crucified, Christ buried, and Christ raised from the dead. If we will not tell of his fame then who will? One must not fear the onset of ridicule and objection, when defending Jesus Christ, your proof is found in his word, and the authority of his word is irrefutable.

Rev. Brandon A. A. J. Davis, Senior Pastor
Greater Mitchell Chapel AME Church
Mansfield, OH 44092

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