This is Your Wake Up Call!

“You’re Looking At Him”

march31mdribbinsMark David Ribbins
John 9:35-41

Has someone ever asked for you without knowing who you are? I get a chuckle when weekday visitors walk into our church and ask me, “is Pastor Mark here?” Most are expecting to meet someone older, and more formal in both attitude and attire. Usually after I say, “that’s me”, there’s an awkward moment before we can get down to business.

Today’s scripture passage shows a man encountering Jesus under similar circumstances. This man was blind from birth, and now possesses sight for the first time ever. Rather than being celebrated by family, acquaintances and the religious hierarchy, he finds himself shunned in the social aftermath of his miracle. Once again marginalized by his community, the man lays eyes on his miracle worker for the first time. It is at this life intersection that Jesus asks him, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” The man, likely dejected and a bit confused by all that has happened, quickly casts his lot with the one sure thing of his new existence. Show me who he is, he says, and I will believe. Jesus’ response (in essence), “You’re looking at Him”.

What is your response when the Lord makes himself known to you that clearly? Our generation has become expert at seeking the miraculous, yet we often miss the beautiful identity of the miracle worker. He seeks to identify Himself to us through creation, meditation, consecration, His Spirit & His word. Is your connection vibrant enough that you can say, as Jesus did, “you have now seen him”?

Remember, the miracle of this story may have been the giving of sight, but the true wonder is that Jesus actually wants us to see Him, and to know him.

Mark David Ribbins
Evening Star Church
Cleveland, Ohio

Twitter: @Jazzpreacher

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