This is Your Wake Up Call!

“Courage Under Fire!”

unknown-23The Rev. Velma E. Grant, ThM, MDiv
John 18: 1-14

Each of us at one time or another has faced obstacles or found ourselves in situations that tested our courage or resolve. Situations might have occurred where fear and trepidation replaced courage or weakened our faith. There is an example for us to model when we are under fire from persecution, disloyalty, betrayal and all the obstacles that are presented by just being human and alive.

This text provides a few scenarios that tested the courage of Jesus to continue on His mission to the Cross. Jesus was determined to head towards the Cross of Calvary so a contingent of Roman soldiers was not enough to diminish the courage of Jesus. The Roman troops came prepared to combat any resistance from Jesus or His followers; they were well armed and prepared to use force to fulfill their mission.

Twice Jesus courageously asked the officers who they were looking for and twice Jesus identified himself as the person that they were seeking. Jesus did this not only to courageously identify himself but also as a means of protecting his disciples. This was not going to be a case of mistaken identity, there would be no need for DNA exoneration because Jesus was the person that was wanted and would be deemed guilty as charged.

As you journey through life, keep your focus on the mission and God’s purpose for your life.
Prayer: God of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Mary, give us the strength and courage to keep our focus on You. Give us courage when we are weak and lonely. Give us courage when we are sad, lonely, and bereaved. Dear God be the source of our strength. In Jesus Name. Amen!

The Rev. Velma E. Grant, ThM, MDiv
President Sixth Episcopal District Women in Ministry

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