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“No Power” « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

“No Power”

tracey2Tracey Bowen
John 19

Good Friday appeared to a dark hour in the life of our Savior. We cannot begin to imagine pain and suffering Jesus experienced on that day. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. Emotionally he dealt with being despised and rejected by the very people he came to save. Physically, he was beaten until pieces of his flesh were torn away from his body; bruised almost beyond recognition. Spiritually, he felt the anguish of being separated from the Father, feeling forsaken and forgotten. It was a dark day, one that appeared to be fatal for mankind.
Yet in spite of all he endured, hope prevailed on that day. While Pilate was concerned about sending an innocent man to death, Jesus reminded him that he had no power over him except that which was given to him by the Father. The Father who had everything under control. The Father who knew the end from the beginning. The Father who held all power in His hands and who loved Jesus dearly. While there were those who operated under the misconception of being able to “call shots”, Jesus was keenly aware that his fate was in the hands of the ultimate “shot caller,” God, the maker of heaven and Earth. All others were merely walking out a scene that had already been scripted . They had no power of their own.
As we reflect on that Friday so many years ago when it seemed like hope for mankind was lost, consider Jesus’ outlook and apply it to your life. No matter what or who you are facing that looks like it brings death, it only has the power that God gave it to impact your life according to His plan, for His glory. Let this thought give you the confidence and boldness to face them with peace and hope, in the spirit of Good Friday.

Because we know who holds the power… Happy Good Friday!

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