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Dare Not Ask « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

Dare Not Ask

images-48John 21
Broken, despised, and rejected, our disciples went back to what they knew after watching their leader die a horrible death. More than wondering what they would do next, they were still trying to process what went wrong. While they may not have had an articulated vision of how things should have happened, one thing is for certain; they were not expecting the cross. Even with all the preparation from Jesus, his death on the cross was not what they expected to establish his kingdom on Earth.

Have you ever known this kind of disappointment? It’s numbing. Enough to make you think you are about to lose it. “How could things have gone so terribly wrong?” is the question that turns over and over in the mind. It makes sense the disciples went back to what they knew; but even that was not working. Until they heard the voice…
Imagine their shock as they heard the voice. Yet they moved in obedience. (My sheep know my voice…) As a result, their haul was more than abundant. When they came ashore, seeing the man confirmed what they already knew. It was Jesus. A million thoughts were probably running through their mind, all starting with “but”, yet no one asked the question “who are you?” They knew. It was Jesus. After all the miracles Jesus performed with them, this miracle was for them, for us. His resurrection sealed our gift of eternal life and renewed hope for mankind. And so the disciples dared not ask the question “Who are you?” His works spoke for him and they knew it was Jesus.
The next time a miracle is performed in your life, will you know that it was Jesus and the power of the cross working in your life? Will you recognize the voice through your pain and move anyway? When you are faced with a hopeless situation and are in need of a miracle, will you dare not ask who is able to perform such an act? Or will you stand boldly in the knowledge of Christ and His completed work on the cross; knowing that it is in fact Jesus who is the answer? My prayer on this Resurrection Eve is that you will know in your heart that because He lives, all things are possible and there is no room for negativity. I pray that you will dare not ask “who is this” because you will already know it is fact Jesus, the risen savior, still living and active in our lives. Hallelujah!

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