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My Birthday Devotion « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

My Birthday Devotion

toniPastor Toni Belin

Just so I can have life in his name.
Today is my birthday, and of course I want to party like it’s my birthday. But as I reflect on Jesus and all that he has done for me, my party will take on a different form.
We all know the story and that Mary got the message first and the guys followed up and found it just as she said and that Thomas doubted… We’ve heard numerous sermons and studied much about it. But the last line for me matters most. John, the hot tempered disciple, that because of his relationship with Jesus, became the beloved disciple, simply says this has been written so that you may believe and in believing may have life in the name of Jesus.
There is an awesome responsibility that comes with this information. I am no longer comfortable just operating in my own power and in my own way of living because I recognize that through Christ there is such a better way of life. Through Christ Jesus my life has deeper meaning and purpose. My life is not my own, my thoughts and cares are not simply mine, but they must reflect the life that I get because of a loving relationship with Jesus. My vision is no longer short sided, but is global. I recognize that through what I say and what I do, I have not only the opportunity, but the responsibility to impact the world to the Glory of God, through relationship with Christ with the power of the Holy Ghost.
Just makes you want to shout doesn’t it?! At least it does for me… Guess that’s the kind of partying I’m gonna do for my birthday, a kind of introspection about whatever it is I believe about my life, despite all that has happened, despite the good times and the bad times, despite the despair and the disgust and the divine, despite the shortsightedness and the far reaching, that i am delivered and redeemed through Jesus Christ and I’m going to consider how best to share that love and that relationship and that power so that all can have life in his name.

Toni Belin Ingram, Pastor
Greater Smith Chapel AME Church
…a place where everyone is welcome

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