This is Your Wake Up Call!

The In-Between Time

keydollarDr. Charlotte Sydnor
Luke 24: 14-32
Text: Luke 24:14 “And they were talking about everything that had happened…”

This economic crisis has forced many people to take a fresh and honest look at the choices we must make. Secure positions once thought would be held, are no longer taken for granted. Lay-offs are just around the corner for some and lost of job has become like a shadow lingering in the backdrop. Crises of sickness and no health-care have a tendency to stop the more needy family in their tracks. In all these scenarios, people have found themselves living in “in-between time.” Times of having something, but knowing there is something more. Periods of fighting frustration and finding you are not alone as an opportunity to move forward. You know, “the now, but not yet times.” Are you in an in-between time, filled with both uncertainty and hope? If so, it is your time of opportunity. The Cross to Pentecost Season is a time of opportunity. It is a time in which believers are called to focus on Jesus Christ and the people around us. It is an opportunity during these in-between times that we are able to become stronger in our faith. The Emmaus Road encounter with Christ becomes our in-between time in life where we can find our way toward new life in Christ. Our ordinary questions of life purpose surfaces before us to dare to ask, the question, “What’s next, Lord?” In the in-between times we, too, will find our eyes opened to God’s truth and our hearts burning with love and hope. Amen.
The Rev. Dr. Charlotte Ann Blake Sydnor, Pastor
Shorter Chapel AME Church, Franklin, TN

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