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Prayer Works

Tracey Bowen, John 17

tracey Some of the most powerful prayers to be prayed can be found in the pages of the bible. These prayers were prayed by men and women of great faith through the history of Christianity. Their ability to evoke change in the natural realm is still prevalent today.

Not only are the words of these prayers powerful, but a lot can be gleaned about effective prayer by studying the format in which the prayers were prayed. Such is the case with John 17. What can be learned by the prayer of Jesus? Let’s look closely,

1. Jesus prayed for himself, FIRST.

God manifested in the flesh, took the opportunity to go to the Father on behalf of himself first and foremost. Before we can begin to pray for others, we must first make that personal connection for ourselves.

2. He prayed for those in his care.

We must lift up those we have responsibility of, those who walk with us, and those within our sphere of influence. Jesus prayed for their well being, their protection, and that they grow in truth… all of which are wonderful things to pray for those who entrusted to your care. He also acknowledged the privilege of them being “given” to him, but also humbled himself by confessing that he knew they were not his. Wonderful reminders!

3. He prayed for Believers, those already believing and those yet to believe.

This part is particularly powerful because not only did he pray for those who believed, he prayed for those you were yet, to believe. He prayed for you and he prayed for me. That is powerful. Your prayers can bless generations to come, sealing salvation for the unsaved before they are even born. Amazing!

Those desiring to go deeper in intercession or those who just want a more organized prayer life would benefit from the model left for us by Jesus the Chris. Committed prayer for self, those in our sphere of influence, and other believers, even those who have yet to believe, can reap bountiful results. If you don’t believe it, look at your own life. Jesus prayed for you over 2000 years ago and you are saved. What a mighty God we serve!

Thought: Read the language of John 17. Can you feel the love and passion Jesus had for his ministry? Are you willing to try God by making a list of your greatest personal concerns for you, your family, as well as other believers and then watch God work? Why or why not? It is written that we are invited to “Taste and see that the Lord is Good!” Go for it!

Tracey Bowen, Associate Minister
Bethel Apostolic Temple
Miami, Florida

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