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Forget what you know about yourself « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

Forget what you know about yourself

210Here is what I discovered over the weekend: many times believers and nonbelievers do not reach the place God has destined for them because they are too busy being stuck on the situations that plague the story of their past. Furthermore, when we gravitate to a place where things no longer happen to us, but things happen for us we realize that everything that happened was destined to bless us. I am almost certain the day you decide to forget what you know about yourself is the same day that God has the ability to pour into your life those things you could have never imagined possible.
In only one sentence David speaks to his past, while establishing his future when he states, It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees (Psalm 119:71 NIV). In this season of your life God is saying everything that happened to you was really for your good. Even the things you can’t seem to explain were purposed to bless you. When you decide to forget about what you know about yourself you begin to realize everything you know can’t hold a flame to everything God can do.
Your past was purposed to bless you, yet we make the biggest mistake when we continue to dwell on the details of what happened. If you can just simply realize these two facts, (1) it happened and (2) it was for my good, then the details don’t really matter. When the smoke of your life is clear and everything in this place has passed away it really won’t matter what happened because the conversation would have changed to where I am going.
The human capacity has trouble forgetting, however, my spiritual identity therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here (2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV). When you receive your new name in Christ no devil in or out of hell can take you back to a place you don’t want to go.

God is too omniscient to ever forget, but God is also too omnipotent to allow your past to interfere with your future. There is nothing too hard for God. Decide on today that you will no longer allow the hurts, hang-ups, and mistakes of your past to erase the promise of your future. Choose to forget what you know about yourself so God can step in and use you for God’s glory. I promise you when you learn to forget, that’s when God has a greater chance to re-member everything God has spoken into your life. Respond to this email and let me know if this week’s message was helpful to your current situation? Do you have a special prayer request!

Have a miraculous week,

The Reverend Jarrett Britton Washington, M.Div., MACE
Pastor-New Bethel AME Church, South Carolina

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  1. LaToya says:

    What an on time message. This message coincided with another message that encourage you to acknowledge and then release the myths you have believed about yourself and your life so that you can believe and know what God says about you. Thank you for this message.

  2. Thank you Rev. I am open for new discoveries today! What ever happens to me is working out the best for me!

  3. Shawna says:

    Excellent message, Pastor Washington!

    One question. How do you continue to keep pressing forward, after repenting from sins of your past, while attending church services with messages directed at individuals facing sins you’ve already repented about, and been forgiven for?

    For example, how does a divorcee keep from stumbling into the trap of picking up the guilt over that divorce when she’s already dealt with it and repented to God, when she hears the sin in it preached on a regular basis to those who may be faced with the decision to divorce or trust God for their marriage today? The tinge of guilt brought on by the realization of the sin committed in the past tends to try to re-surface in the already forgiven believer’s life. Though, they are trying to stay on the course and move forward in Christ today.


  4. B. J. says:

    This message hit the nail on the head, you preach and tell the truth! So many people in the Church are hung up on themselves they forget why they are here. If they will just remove themselves and stop dwelling on their past and might I add blaming others for their faults, God will move in their lives so they will receive the abundant life God has promised. I honestly don’t think they understand they are in bondage and that is where the enemy wants them to stay. I pray this message changed someones life today….Excellent, excellent, excellent!

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