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Thank God Tears Don’t Last

Thank God Tears Don’t Last

99345978“…weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”

Psalm 30: 5

Oftentimes it takes a tragedy to bring clarity to Scriptures in the Bible. That was the case for me when my youngest son was killed by a drunk driver. I cried so much that I felt like David must have felt when he proclaimed, “I water my couch with my tears.”

It was really hard to pray; but finally, I began to pray for the Lord to “restore [in me] the joy of my salvation” because crying was taking its toll on me. When the tears finally subsided I do not know; but I do know that today, I love the Lord. He heard my cry. When I thought I would cry forever and the sun would never shine again, it was God who helped me see that after the tears, the sun would shine again. It might be as bright but it would shine.

Whatever you are going through, know that the weeping only last for a season. When the tears dry, there is a whole new life awaiting you. Weeping is a part of life which we must endure. When you face life’s adversities, draw strength from thoughts of the cross. As Christians, it is important that we allow the Holy Spirit to equip us to endure, knowing in the end that God shall wipe away all tears.

Lord, thank you that tears don’t last. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Psalm 30:1-8 KJV
Sis. Doris J. Coffey,
Member St. Paul AMEC, Lexington, KY

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful message Sis. Doris. I can’t even imagine the pain you went through. But I am grateful to know you can look forward to being reunited with your child again…

    — Paradise lost will once again become Paradise restored. A world in which “there will be no more death or mourning, crying or pain” (Revelation 21:4) I am so happy to know that those who choose Christ will be redeemed from evil by His goodness and will forever be able not to sin.

    — Selina C. Brantley

  2. LAPalm says:


    Thank you for an awesome message…I’ve been through seasons of weeping
    and each time the Lord has heard my cry…God is faithful and his Promises are
    so true…I wouldnt trade my journey of getting to know him like I do for nothing
    Do I wish things didnt have to be as they were/are absolutely! Oh but the Joy I have
    knowing Jesus Im all the better for it…

    Many Blessings

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