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The Best of 2011- Betrayed: Are you Bitter or Better? « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Best of 2011- Betrayed: Are you Bitter or Better?

lonely-manReverend Kenneth J. Aveirls, Sr

This message has been share by thousands of people this year because it hit a nerve. Many of us have had situations that can either send us to “Bitterland” or “Betterland”. Where do you live today? Do you live in “Bitterland” or “Betterland”? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

John 13:21-32
How do you handle hurt and disappointment? Do you become bitter or better? Does your disappointment cause you to become angry and irate? Anger has been compared to the combustible explosions in a car engine that produces the power to make the car move. When those explosions are under control, they will take the car safely to its destination. But, if instead of controlling the flow of gas producing these orderly explosions — we ignited all the gas in the tank at once — we’d blow both the car and ourselves up. So rather than combust and explode. . . or become bitter and harsh . . . we can learn from the Nazarene Carpenter, how to handle betrayal.

Judas had the opportunity to witness Jesus’ love first hand. Judas was one of them. . . Judas was one of the Disciples. Jesus and the others trusted him enough, to make him the treasurer. . . and steward over their resources. He was one of them! Judas had walked hundreds of miles with them; slept under the stars with them; sat around the campfires with them; listened to many of Jesus’ sermons with them! He was one of them!

Judas was part of the guest list at the wedding in Cana, where Jesus turned the water into wine, and he was there when the “Master Teacher” provided a full meal for the congregation, after the church service was over, with only five loaves of bread and two fish. Judas saw the lame man pick up his bed and walk; he watched the blind man’s eyes focus for the first time; he saw dead Lazarus come back to life; He was present in the upper room and had his feet washed by Jesus! He was one of them!

However, in Gethsemane’s Garden, one of “Them” betrayed Jesus with a kiss. His name was Judas. Betrayal from a perfect stranger is hard, very hard to swallow. Betrayal by the hands, or kiss, of a “Judas” is even worse. . . it destroys trust, it robs you of the past, and it can numb the heart towards ever trusting again. Oh. . . but Jesus has an answer!

When we are betrayed ─ instead of developing a ministry based on “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”; instead of slap for slap and curse for curse ─ Jesus said we must respond with HIS form of love! Jesus said this in John 13:34, 35 – “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Show your enemy that you are “His Disciple” . . . show your enemy that you possess the love of Jesus in your heart!

Prayer: Lord, allow my actions to reflect YOUR love . . . in my speech, in my walk, and in my life. . .no matter what season I find myself in!

Reverend Kenneth J. Aveirls, Sr.
Fairfield AME Church
Jackson, Georgia


How do you handle your bitter feelings? What do you do when you are betrayed? Where do you go for help? What have you learned? Share your thoughts in the comment section today. Invite others to share on Fb or twitter. This is subscription month. Just click the subscribe  icon and become apart of our Wake Up family today. Just check your email inbox for confirmation. If you do not find one, check your spam.

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  1. Kissie says:

    I don’t just go through it, I grow through it. I thank God for betrayals … because they only push me closer into the Master’s waiting ARMS. A recent and very unexpected event has taught me just how quickly I run to the Rock in the time of trouble. I know for sure, He is a very present help!

    Whenever I feel those feelings of anger and the “how dare you” thoughts arise, I know very quickly what that can turn in to if I don’t confess those things and immediately denounce them because I don’t want that to reside in me. I’d rather possess what God has for me and I know that ALL things work for my good. It’s only to make me better … not bitter.

    And, I still love those who hurt me … after all there is a difference in being hurt from being harmed.

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