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Don’t bring disaster to your destiny

92825169Picture it! Approximately 15 minutes before I am to mount the pulpit for the 11am worship service at New Bethel I receive a text message reading, “your father is being rushed to the hospital.” I read the message over and over again and immediately I was taken to a place I like to call in between-the-in between. Really what could I do in this position? Could this assistant-less Pastor head for the door or head for the pulpit? It was almost at the instance God reminded me no matter what I decide my first action ought to be to pray. Many times our natural proclivity to panic outweighs our unlimited possibilities to pray. The power of doubt can bring about the most profound sense of disaster in one’s life.
Doubting the power of God will undoubtedly lead to disaster. Disaster happens in the body of believers when we doubt the place God is trying to lead us. I am reminded of the narrative of the children of Israel and their trek from slavery to the promise land. In much of the Exodus story the children of Israel vacillate between trust in God and the idea of going back to Egypt. No matter how many times God did the miraculous in their lives, there was still a sense of doubt that proved cancerous to their destiny.
The text testifies, “now when the people saw that Moses delayed coming down from the mountain, the people gathered together to Aaron, and said to him, ‘Come make us gods that shall go before us…” (Exodus 32:1, NKJV). The first thing you have got to come to grasp with is your delay does not necessarily equate to your denial. Every time God allows you the opportunity to wait, change direction, or even be still does not mean God has forgotten about your situation. The children of Israel began to panic prematurely because Moses is nowhere to be found. What happens when you have to trust someone you can’t even trace? The reality of this life in which we live is many times God has to first pull you out of something to place you into your better place. Someone asks, ‘God how could you pull me out of the horrible marriage, yet you left me with a broken heart?’ Another asks, ‘how could you get me out of the dead-end job, but I still have to struggle?’ And it is in these moments, and many alike, where God reminds us every delay is not a denial.
Again, I am reminded the people come to Aaron, in what appears to be his most vulnerable state, and say to him, ‘come make us gods that shall go before us.’ Immediately, as if Aaron has forgotten who was in control, he bends to the wishes of the people and decides to make a god. I believe one of the most disastrous things we can do in the body of believers is listening to people, rather than listen to God. We all have a testimony of how at one time people told us to do one thing, but we knew God was telling us to do another. The people’s “feelings” became more important to Aaron than God’s calling. Feelings, although an important aspect of the human psyche, prove to be disastrous in pursuit of our destines. The truth of it all is many times are feelings don’t match up with God’s callings. You don’t have to feel it in order for God to do ___(fill in the blank)___ for God has the ability to be God all by God’s self. You have to remind yourself that it is not about what you feel, but rather it is about what God says.
As I struggled with what to do with the information concerning my father, I reminded myself, (1) this delay is not a denial; and (2) it’s not about how I feel, but what God says. The very fact that I would have to remain in worship had no bearing on what God had the ability to do in my father’s situation. In fact, had I left worship service, I would have only joined my family to wait in the lobby of the ER. The wonder of it all was rather than wait in the ER, I could really get down and worship in the house of God. I could thank God for what God had already done. Secondly, and maybe more refreshing, was the idea of when my feelings confront my God the very feelings that were seemingly so important are really just fleeting thoughts. God has already promised never to put more on me than I can bear, hence I’m not going to worry about the things I cannot control. I know what God has said concerning my destiny. Today, I challenge you to remind yourself of the destiny beset before you. Decide today to not allow any disaster to prevent the awesome place called your destiny. Respond to this and let me know if this week’s message was helpful to your current situation in the comment section.

Have a miraculous week,

The Reverend Jarrett Britton Washington, M.Div., MACE
Pastor-New Bethel AME Church

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  1. Myra S Cook says:

    Sometimes God will speak to you concerning your current situation through a devotional and He has donejust that through you. Has He blessed me? Yes. Thank you for sharing

  2. Armanda says:

    Hi Rev. Washington.

    The article “Don’t bring disaster to your destiny” was a blessing to me. It was insightful and several key points jumped out at me to remember and digest. I too believe if God tells you to do something you should do it without question. My concern is sometimes people say and / or believe God said “Do it” when in reality it is their own will. In the scenario above, God would clearly have to tell me to preach the sermon. Otherwise, I would have gone to be with my family at the hospital. I have always thought that my 1st ministry is to my family.

    Peace & Blessings!

  3. Marilyn Diamond says:

    That was such and on-time message for me. I am in a waiting pattern regarding a very important job that I would be perfect for. I am trusting God’s promises and going on with my life. I am still being a beacon, missionary sister, volunteer and servant of God’s will. So thank you very much. I am standing still and listening for God’s will for my destiny and my life. God may have something else in store for me and for that I am grateful. God Bless you and may God keep and bless you to continue to be a visionary in the lives of others.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up Rev. I must stay diligently focused on the destiny and allow God to deal with any potential disaster. God bless you.

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