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Note To Self

200066642-002The Urban Dictionary defines a “note to self” as a verbal comment underlining a topic arising from what has occurred in a conversation or activity; usually meant to be funny, and probably self-directed to defuse an embarrassing situation; taken from the habit of people using a recording device to make notes not directly involved with the subject. As believers, we gravitate towards the understanding that our ‘notes to self’ are reflective of God’s ability to remind us of situations passed in order to bring about a positive direct end. If I were to simply even further, a ‘note to self’ is the belief that if I trust God more than I trust my situation it will ultimately turn out for my good.
When I think of our ability to possess ‘notes to ourselves’ I immediately turn my attention to the text of 1 Samuel, and specifically chapter 30. The text says, And David was greatly distressed; for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters; but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God 1 Samuel 30:6 (KJV). In the text David had to remind himself of his ‘note to self.’ The narrative is an epic account of how in the midst of trial and tribulation, one must still trust God. David is embattled because at his arrival to the safe haven of the south of Ziklag, he and the men find the city had been burned to the ground and there was absolutely nothing left but rummage. As if to add insult to injury all of the women and children have been taken captive by the Amalekites.
It is at this moment all the men who were in war with David begin to lift up their voices and weep. The bible says that they cried so much and so long they were weak in their bodies. Ask yourself, have I ever been at point in my life where I wept so much I was weak in my body? These warriors, these men of God, these people who were workers and fighters, gathered in the pavilion of their destroyed city and cried and cried until they couldn’t control themselves.
After the last tear fell to the ground, the narrative recounts the people turned their attention on David. In fact, the men concluded David must be stoned to death for it was apparent, in their eyes, David was the cause of their distress. In his own sorrow David begins to remind himself of his own ‘note to self.’ I believe the note he so searched for in his soul reminded him in times of distress God is protecting you from dangers seen and unseen. David’s ‘note to self’ simply said, “Encourage yourself in the Lord.”
I need you to comprehend in your life there will be people who will talk about you; some people will flip the script on you; but you must be like David in the text and make your haters your motivators, and encouraged yourself in the Lord. I am not certain what today holds for you, but I am convinced that if you can just make a note to self that in the midst of all I go through, I have an unyielding ability to encourage my ownself in the Lord everything has got to turn out for my good. Put it on a post-it. Write it in your hand. Whatever you do, make a ‘note to (your) self’ by simply encouraging yourself in the Lord. Respond and let me know if this week’s message was helpful to your current situation?

Have a miraculous week,

The Reverend Jarrett Britton Washington, M.Div., MACE
Pastor-New Bethel AME Church

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  1. Shawna says:

    Blessed message! A timely reminder. Thank you! This is a must share.

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