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Laughter, Wonder and Creativity « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

Laughter, Wonder and Creativity


Roderick Belin

Laughter, wonder and creativity are a powerful combination. Laughter, wonder and creativity work together to birth something from nothing. These creative powers within us are ignited when we are looking for answers. These powers burn with passion in the dance of doubt and faith, and their struggle to determine who will lead.

In laughter, wonder and creativity lie the power to create your own life. Some people spend a lifetime searching rather than creating, rather than imaging and becoming…

Sometimes we have to break rules in order to be all that God has intended and has made possible for us. What rules are you confined by? What perceived limitations have you bound? What chains are fettering you? Laughter, wonder and creativity can break any chain! Do not fight against them, they use the force of your struggling against you…
Just stand back and laugh at the rule.
Laugh at the limitations.
Laugh at the chains.
Laugh at the naysayers.
Laugh at sticks in the mud.
Laugh at the negative comments.
Laugh at yourself.

Laughter, wonder and creativity are a powerful combination.

to loosen up
not to take yourself so seriously
to free yourself from the boxes we too often live in
to explode categories
to take off tradition
to transgress boundaries
Laughter is the freedom
to see
to dream
to vision
Laughter is the nerve
to reframe
to redefine
Laughter is loosening your halo a bit

to live a life of miracles
to sit by the water
to listen to the birds sing
to pay attention to the phases of the moon
to hear Leontyne Price sing
to watch a mother as she watches her child
to open the eyes of your heart to the move of God
to hear the sound of marching in the tops of the trees
to see bushes burning
to meet God in a furnace
to trust God no matter what
to see how we are connected
to let yourself be yourself
to see from the aspect of God
looking for something you’ve never considered before
to hear almost the entire Pre-K VBS school class in crying in solidarity with one another for no apparent reason until they simply got tired (this really happened).
to read poetry
to experience spoken word
to know there is more to us than what we see
it is wonderful
to ask “is there anything to wonderful for the Lord? Can there be anything to marvelous for God to accomplish?”
to sing, “He’s a wonder in my soul…”

to bring forth something out of nothing
to make something new from disparate parts
to birth
to give life
to meet needs
to answer a question
to provide a solution
to come to life
to create your own life
to write your own story
to bring visions to reality
to be filled with the Holy Ghost
to bear much fruit
to love someone back to health
to lead someone into a relationship with God
to come to wholeness
to birth that sparkle in your eye into a creation
to be a conduit of God’s power
to manifest the Glory of God
to emulate His Excellence
to become the Story you’ve been longing to tell

Laughter, wonder and creativity are a powerful combination. Prove it!

Roderick Dwayne Belin

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