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Let’s be steadfast gardeners to our souls

John 3:16-21
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God has given us all the seeds of life. It is up to us to tend to our seeds, our souls, like a gardener growing perishable fruit.
Once we have planted seeds our seeds in good soil we must then feed it with the only begotten nutrient, Jesus. We must then have continuous belief that our seeds will grow. Besides, if we needed any help with growing our fruit all we have to do is believe where our nutrient came from, understand why the only begotten nutrient is here for us and ask Jesus, in his name, to show us the right way to nourish our seeds. Jesus, the Master Gardener, was sent by God not to cause harm to our seeds but through him to show us how to grow our seeds into non-perishable fruit.
But, being a steadfast gardener is not an easy task. We are not perfect people. As sinners, sometimes we may forget or choose not to tend to our garden by drowning it with disbelief or allow the weeds of doubt to shadow our seeds with darkness. We must be careful not to do these things because God may choose to shine his light on us and expose our untended seeds, barren or overgrown gardens and the fruit that we have been left to perish.
Therefore, let’s be steadfast gardeners to your souls. We must be sure to weed our gardens often, believe in the only begotten nutrient that we are feeding it and watch the works of our God turn our seeds into non-perishable fruit that will have everlasting life.

Felecia Teasley

Metropolitan Interdenominational Church, Nashville, Tennessee


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