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Mission Impossible: Pathways for Possibility

get-attachment-7aspx1John 6:15-24
Katherine Ellington

A couple sent an email stating that after seven years of trying they are expecting a baby in the spring. A colleague just announced that she’s successfully defended her dissertation another got accepted into college with a scholarship. A friend just opened another location for his thriving technology business half way around the world. A family lost their house to foreclosure, but now has a more affordable lifestyle and time to spend with each other and raising their children.

Whether it’s a personal milestone, community project or church vision success is never as easy as it seems. Many will confess that at times the plans and lives seemed like ‘mission impossible’ endeavors. It’s the back stories, episodes of stepping stones and stumbling blocks along the way that offer valuable lessons — laying the groundwork for increasing faith in possibilities for the future.
A back story to the feeding of the five thousand is the miracle of Jesus in the dark of night walking out on a path across stormy sea. In the midst of the storm and seeing Jesus approaching, the disciples are frightened and likely having their doubts when they also experience the calming of the raging seas. As close followers, the disciples witness this miracle before the next day of signs and wonders in preparation for their work.
When we come through incredible life events like surviving storms, illnesses, educational and career advancement milestones yield pathways of possibilities that serve to increase our faith and hope in God for the days ahead when there is greater work to do as well as challenges to face. Through such encounters we gain confidence in trusting the hand of God with our lives.

Katherine Ellington
New York, NY


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