This is Your Wake Up Call!

Are You Hungry?

get-attachment-8aspx3John 6:25-59 NIV
LaNicia Williams

We are in a “got to have it right now” world. We have become so busy doing everything else we allow drive-thru’s to feed our families even though we know they offer no nutritional value and cost us more money in the long run. We are all guilty of it. Who doesn’t love McDonald’s fries?
Sitting at the table of God and feasting on the bread from Heaven requires time. It is an elaborate spread of what is good. Our soul will delight in the richest of fare (Isaiah 55). No preservatives added. No additives needed. Everything is fresh straight from the Source. The appeal of the feast makes you want to linger. Once you begin sampling what has been prepared, you only want more. Every taste satisfies your hunger yet leaves you desiring more. Your taste buds are salivating. Your nostrils are tantalized by the aroma. Your palate has never experienced a meal like this before and you are sure will never experience again. You are the guest of honor. Get comfortable. Take off your shoes. Relax! Enjoy! Eat!
Fast food lasts just as long as it takes to eat it; it gets stale quick. The bread of Heaven is always fresh and will never get stale. Eternal life is the feast to all who are willing to eat at the table. Jesus pledges to stay with you and never drive you away; all you have to do is believe. Jesus is inviting you to a meal that was prepared just for you. It can’t be rushed. You have to be patient with the process and you have to be willing to sacrifice your time and your will so you don’t miss anything and receive everything promised to you. You can’t eat and run. Feast on Jesus and you will never be hungry again yet you will never get tired of eating.

LaNicia Williams
Restoration Life Church
Seattle, WA


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  1. Ashley says:

    This is a great devotional a reminder to not try to have a drive thru relationship with Christ but a pure, authentic relationship!!!! Amen and God Bless you thank you for sharing!

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