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Identity Crisis

ldw1John 7:25-53 NIV
LaNicia Williams

People think they know someone until they realize they don’t. The person may have not hide themselves but for whatever reason some can be blind to truth. We are taught first impressions are everything, but can you really judge a book by its cover? We can get so caught up in what we want to see we miss seeing what is real. Being misjudged by people never feels good which is why it is so important to know who we are.

When we begin to hide ourselves in God and seek our truth, we discover who we really are and not what other people think we should be. It didn’t matter what anyone else said or assumed, Jesus knew His true identity. An identity crisis causes us to believe something contrary to who we really are. Are you sure of who you are? Are you sure of your position? Jesus knew who he was, where he came from and where he was headed.

When we are secure in our identity, our crisis becomes a certainty of our creator and purpose of our creation. Even when the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy you, your identity gives you victory because you are more than a conqueror. We cannot entertain doubt but we have to be full of confidence yet not prideful. It does not matter what people call you as long as you know your truth, walk in the authority that comes with it. Jesus was the greatest example of belief, courage and faith. No longer will you be intimidated by what others call you. No longer will you doubt your self-worth. No longer will you question your heritage. It is time to walk in the authority and power of your identity.

LaNicia Williams
Seattle, WA
Restoration Life Church


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