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The True Vine Connection « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The True Vine Connection

get-attachment-16aspxMinister Tracey Bowen
John 15:1-15

My daughter got a Nook for Christmas. Like any teen with an electronic device, she is so excited she can barely contain herself. A few weeks ago it needed charging (Side Note: Books do not need charging.) and did not have her charger. She did have my husband’s phone charger, which happened to fit the Nook. I cautioned her not to use the phone charger because they were not the same make.
Sometime later she came to me and said, “It only charged 80% and I left it on all night.” You guessed it…she used the phone charger anyway. I just gave her a blank look that said “And?” as she began to sweat at the thought of something being wrong with her precious Nook. After I waited just long enough to see the panic set in, I explained that the phone charger was not designed for her Nook and although it fit, it was not meant to charge her Nook. It was meant for a phone. Furthermore, they were made by two different companies and not guaranteed to be compatible. Connecting her Nook to power sources other than the Nook power source could damage it beyond repair. With tears in her eyes she began to beg my forgiveness, saying that she should have listened to me in the first place. (Duh!)
Sometimes we, the children of God get connected to the wrong things. Things we were not meant to get connected to because they were not designed to bring us life. As a result we end up in situations and dealing with circumstances that drain us of vital energy, rendering us unable to accomplish our purpose in life. In some situations, the wrong connection can actually take our life. However, there is a solution. The True Vine.
When you find yourself withering because of a bad connection, sever that tie and reconnect with the Father as soon as possible. Saturate yourself in His word, surround yourself with others of a Kingdom mindset; seek the presence of God in prayer, meditation and fasting, sing you feel His touch on your hand. Reconnect. Through Jesus we find our strength to live and thrive because he is our connection to eternal life and power on Earth. Apart from him we can do nothing. In Him, we are. The true vine connection is the only connection that will sustain the life of the Child of God. Get connected and live, Child!

Minister Tracey Bowen

Bethel Apostolic Temple
Miami, Fl

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