This is Your Wake Up Call!

PRAYCATION – Hope Thou in God!

O God, our hope and source of all life. We acknowledge today with joy the gift of life. Forgive us when we have taken for granted this precious gift or failed to redeem the time. Teach us to number our days as well as count our blessings.

Lift our thoughts from self to you, from the me-soever to the whosoever; from the littleness of our deeds to the majesty and wonder of your mighty acts.

Grant us grace for another day. Send us joy in the midst of sadness and forgiveness in the face of transgressions. Help us to find the strength to stand in the face of slander.

Our hope is in you, O God, to put all things right which are wrong. Open our eyes so we can see through faith that you are at work even when present circumstances deny it. In Your name we pray, Amen

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