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It Won’t End The Way It Started


The Best of 2012

This past weekend while preparing the message for our church’s New Year’s Eve service I received the most interesting update from the New York Times Online via my iPhone. The message simply said, “The S. & P. 500 ends 2011 where it started.” Immediately I began to think what my life would be like if it ended the way it started. I was ever fixated on the idea that if things in my own life stayed the way they began, my life, as I knew it, would be dark and dreary. I believe the spirit of God wants me to confirm to you today that your life and life’s situations won’t end the way it started.
I peer into the narrative of Job when I think of the power of God to change one’s circumstances. The reader understands Job to be known as a humble and upright man in the sight of God. The text testifies that one day Satan enters into a dialogue with God. Within the dialogue Satan ask God if he might “try” Job. God stretches out God’s hands and allows Satan to do with Job as he pleases under the condition that he not kill Job. Immediately, test and trials begin to happen in Job’s life.
While the sons and daughters of Job were having dinner and drinking wine the news of terror begins to flood Job’s presence. A servant comes to the house and says the Sabeans have stolen all of the oxen and donkeys and killed all of his servants; while he was speaking, another servant comes and says that fire has burned all the sheep and killed all the servants; while he was speaking, another servant comes and says the Chaldeans have taken all of the camels and killed all the servants; while he was speaking another servant comes to inform Job that all of his children and servants were killed in a tornado. In the matter of five minutes Job lost everything he owned and the lives of his 10 children. Job doesn’t begin to cry, nor does he get sick or mad, but Job looks up to heaven, tears off his clothes and begins to worship.
Job doesn’t worship God for what God is going to do, but rather Job worships God because of what he knows God has already done. When we understand the concept of our lives not ending the way it started we come to the knowledge that what is to come has to be better than what has been. We worship God because we know God has saved us so many times before, that undoubtedly if we stay positioned for our blessings, God will have no reason but to bless us again. Yes, we all will experience our share of ups and downs, but those of us who realize that we don’t have to stay down realize that better days are ahead.
2011 may not have been your best year, but you can honestly say that because you made it to 2012 there is something greater in the making. Throughout the 42 chapters of the book of Job the reader is exposed to so many of Job’s challenges. However, when the reader finally reaches chapter 42 the light is now illuminating the blessings of waiting on God. God tells Job that because of his faithfulness he will be rewarded double for his trouble (Job 42:10). Even as you read this message, I am compelled to remind you that God still is rewarding the kingdom with double for every one of your troubles. I speak to you right now and I declare and decree that what didn’t kill you in 2011 is only making you stronger. I release a spirit of love in your life. I cancel the hand of the enemy, and most of all, I believe God that it won’t allow it to end the way it started. Respond to this message in the comment section.

Rev. Jarrett Britton Washington
South Carolina

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  1. That is good news Rev. I am confident that the end will be better than the beginning! I anticipate it with great appreciation.

  2. Andrea says:

    Thank you so much for allowing God to use you today to bless so many of us who are struggling to see the glory of God in our situation. I’m so overwhelmed by the love of God shown in the life of Job. I recieve the double portion blessings that he has for my family and I. The year 2011 has definitely been challenging in every aspect. I look forward to the miraculous power of God in our lives and every life that you’ve touched through this message and your ministry. May God continue to Bless you and send more labours into the field for the harvest is great!

  3. June Grace says:

    Amen, Thank God for all he has done 🙂

  4. Jeremy says:

    I am so very thankful for this post. There is a situation that surrounds me; however, I am encouraged within my spirit by your words of hope. What a great reminder to keep God on the throne for God along is able and is the Author of time.

    Thank you again.

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