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The Lenten Journey: Seeing God in the Image of Man

John 10:22-42

One of the many downfalls to the Christian faith created by religious people is that they practice their faith instead of living their faith in the fullness of believing. Too often they can not see past their religious doctrine and personal theology. This has in many cases caused a stumbling block in their personal and existential understanding of who their God is. Jesus in this particular text deals with the Pharisee’s and their misguided faith and belief regarding the authenticity of Jesus Christ.

They have cornered him and are prepared to stone him on the grounds of blasphemy, which was a criminal act against God and the Holy Spirit, and was punishable by death. Jesus who is not threaten or alarmed by their actions, tries unsuccessfully to reshape their misguided faith and understanding by explaining to them the need to see God in the image of man, which will in turn shape their faith and give purpose to their beliefs.

As we take our moments of reflection I wish to impose upon you the need to see God in the image of man. The world in which we live is filled with so many hurting, disillusioned, and lost people with no place to go, no place for safety and assurance, no one to help them deal with their issues, and most of all no one to care for them as they struggle with life. With all the churches that fill our cities, it’s amazing to me the number of them that sit half empty on Sunday morning.

There is more than ever a crying need for the urgency of now; too many people are at stake and in need of salvation. Aside from denominational belief and theology there is a study that speaks about the hypostatic union of Christ, which literally mean Christ having two natures but all together being one. Jesus Christ is fully human, and fully divine, there is no separation, he is God, and he is man and to believe in him is to believe that he exist theanthropically.

What makes this important is that his two natures both divine and human aid him in understanding the issues that we go through. Because Christ is human he knows the struggle of life and what it means to suffer at the hands of injustice, sickness, financial stress, and social ills. Because Christ is the divine of God he also knows the outcome of our situations and is capable with conviction to assure us that things will work out for our good.

Jesus’ goal if any was to show these religious leaders that as he does the work of his father, he is both the son of God and empowered by God, and he is God manifested in flesh. In order to see God in human form is to look upon his son with full faith, hope, and belief that he is Jesus Christ, Emanuel, God with us. Seeing God in the image of man also means for the believing community that our lives and our actions should line up with who God is, and the people we serve as pastors and leaders should through our service see God.

As we witness to people about God, there should be something about who we are that should reflect who God is, and it is when we can do that, people all over will start to see God in the image of man. Amen.

Brandon A. A. J. Davis,

Senior Pastor Wayman AME Church

Wheeling West Virginia


It always amazes me when God’s people stretch out on faith to do extraordinary things. My mother in ministry, Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant is leading a healing mission to Rwanda today. That’s right, Rwanda. It is only extraordinary to us but truly in character for her. Most people have a difficult time going to an unfamiliar community or city let alone a country with a violent track record. Join me this week in prayer for her and the healing mission. Pray that God will protect all on the journey and that their presence will have impact and influence on those in need. Praise God for people who make a difference as they live out their faith! Now, what are you going to do this week in the name of Jesus!

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. Rev. Velma E Grant says:

    Or see God in the image of woman, after all, male and female are God’s creation. Peace!

  2. Carla says:

    Agreed, it is the human image of God that folks need to see more of. This, I believe allows them to see the divine image through you. This is an awesome message and reminder.

    Praying for the journey to Rwanda.

  3. Brandon A. A. J. Davis says:

    While I must apologize being a seminarian who was taught to speak and write in inclusive language, I see no major need to argue the need to say God – woman or she God. God exists simply as God, and in the future I will be more careful to practice that simple truth.

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