This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Lenten Journey: Believe! You Have the Power!

John 16:1-33

What do we have the power to believe in? I suppose anything we put our minds to. Revolutionary ideas are born because someone believed they had the power to do something which had never been done before. Confidence gives us faith in our ability to act. Faith is how our words create life. You have the power to believe in anything you decide to believe. Even as Jesus faced the cross, he understood the pain he would endure but he also and more importantly knew the joy that would follow because he believed in his Father who sent him.

It seems as if I have spent the last couple years in pain. I’ve lost my uncle, my grandparents and cancelled a wedding all within two years time. All of these events were sudden without much warning. I told myself there was no way I could handle anymore suffering. The pain was starting to wear me down and I was on the verge of losing my joy. After I cancelled my wedding, I was tempted to lose my faith in God. The very thing I was trying to prevent from happening God allowed to happen and I was so upset with God for not allowing me to intervene while I could. It was only through the pain of that experience was I able to experience God in such an awesome way I had never encountered before I now believe I had to go through that particular pain for God to touch and minister to a particular place in my heart.

As the Holy Spirit began to comfort me I began to appreciate the painful experiences I previously despised. The power I had received cancelled out the pain of the tribulations I endured and gave birth to joy because of each precious new realization of who God is. I don’t know how to explain it except to use the illustration of Jesus in this passage of a mother who has travailed and suffered the pain of pregnancy and giving birth, yet as soon as she delivers the baby she remembers that sorrow no more because joy overtakes her as she embraces her new born child.

For every sorrow you experience and every tear you sow, God wants to remind you that your sadness will be forgotten and you will reap joy which cannot be taken and your heart will rejoice. For all of the suffering you have patiently endured, be encouraged because there is a gift waiting for you on the other side. Believe! You have the power.

LaNicia Williams, Seattle WA
Changed Living Ministries

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