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Praycation 2013 – Listen Up!

Word for the Day: Listen
Read: Kings 19:11-13

Elijah had just performed an amazing act of God. He called down fire from heaven before Jezebel and her false prophets, thus establishing God as greater than Baal and destroying her prophets. Jezebel, in a rage promised that she would take Elijah’s life and Elijah did what anyone would do when threatened with murder. He ran. The mixture of fear and despair, which turned to depression, led him to want to take his own life. However, an encounter with God changed everything.

God spoke to Elijah when he needed to hear from him the most. The most amazing aspect of this passage is how God prepared Elijah to listen. He had an angel visit Elijah to give him rest, then to feed him, not once but twice. It was only then that Elijah was able to journey to Mt. Sinai, the Mountain of God, where God asked why he was there. Elijah’s response was still filled with despair and fear. In his heightened emotional state, it would be understandable that Elijah would think God would speak in the fanfare of wind, earthquakes and fire so I am sure he was straining to hear God’s voice. Yet it was in the sound of a soft gentle whisper that Elijah heard Him. From there, Elijah received instructions that gave him confidence, peace, and a new commission. Just what he needed!

So often when we know we are doing a great work for God, the opposition can be so great that fear and despair can creep in and cause us to run. Add to this equation poor self-care that can leave us fatigued and hungry, both physically and spiritually, it can be hard for us to hear from God. When we are in this place, learning to find your quiet space and listen for that gentle whisper in which God speaks. When hear His voice, the difference in our life is monumental.

Let us Pray: Incline my heart to listen and hear your voice. You are not heard in the wind, earthquake or the fire, but in the gentle whisper that I must prepare to listen and hear. I am listening. In Jesus name, Amen!

Tracey Bowen (TBB)

Beloved, the weekend is upon us. There will be lots of demands on our time and attention including travel, vacations, family reunions, cookouts, back-to-school preparation, balancing check book, homework, sermon preps, Sunday school lesson plans, choir rehearsal, routine mundane chores, and more that will keep you running. Stop long enough to rest so you can hear what thus saith the Lord! Run to the presence of the Lord instead of run from the presence of the Lord!

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  1. Marilyn Andrews says:

    Lord, help me to tune my ears and heart to listen to You in whatever way You choose to speak.

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