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Praycation 2013 – Indulgence

Word for the Day: Indulgence

Verse for the Day: “Now the sons of Eli were scoundrels who had no respect for the Lord or for their duties as priests. Whenever anyone offered a sacrifice, Eli’s sons would send over a servant with a three-pronged fork. While the meat of the sacrificed animal was still boiling, the servant would stick the fork into the pot and demand that whatever it brought up be given to Eli’s sons. All the Israelites who came to worship at Shiloh were treated this way. Sometimes the servant would come even before the animal’s fat had been burned on the altar. He would demand raw meat before it had been boiled so that it could be used for roasting. The man offering the sacrifice might reply, “Take as much as you want, but the fat must be burned first.” Then the servant would demand, “No, give it to me now, or I’ll take it by force.” So the sin of these young men was very serious in the Lord’s sight, for they treated the Lord’s offerings with contempt.” 1 Samuel 2:14-17 NLT


Too much of a good thing is not good. Too much of a bad thing is disastrous! The sons of Eli were that road; the one that leads disaster. They had no love for God and no respect for the things of God. They were bold enough to indulge in the meat people brought in for their offering! This meant they were robbing the people and God!

Their father, Eli, knew what was happening and did nothing to correct or stop them. As the priest, he was a major community leader who should have had better control of his household. Instead, he let his sons run wild, indulging their disrespectful behavior. He was also implied to have indulged in too much rich food and drink. He died of a broken neck obtained when he backwards off his seat, his weight crushing his neck! God was not pleased and Eli’s final fate, along with the final fate of his sons, was very dark.

While it is true that God desires to bless us with good things, we must be mindful to keep things in moderation. Excessive pleasure, especially when it is not edifying to anyone or impacts another person negatively, should be avoided at all cost. Our desire is to please God in all we do.

Let us Pray: Dear God, we want more of You, however our desire for more of everything else sometimes gets in the way. Help me to live a life of balance and moderation, In JESUS name, AMEN
Tracey Bowen Bell
Inspiring Others to Expect the Impossible!

Beloved, it is with sadness and joy that we enter the last week of Pryacation 2013. It is hard to believe that we’re coming to an end so soon. Thank you Tracey for sharing your devotions with our Pryacation family!

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