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Feast on These Things! « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

Feast on These Things!

Feast on These Things!
The holiday season is upon us and celebrations have begun! Though many people still have large family gatherings for the holidays, they are, by no means, like the ones of yesteryear. Times are rapidly , a thing of the past. The changes in our lifestyles have very much changed the way we celebrate during the holidays.
“Back in the day”, Christmas was a much anticipated time because, for most families, it meant that ALL of the relatives came together in one place. Everyone looked forward to seeing loved ones that they might not have seen in a long while. Car loads of “kinfolk” would pour in from out of town and “from up north”.
As a child and young adult, one of the things I looked forward to during the holidays was the unbelievable “spread” of food that was always a given during this time. All types of homemade baked good and old family recipes were laid out for all to enjoy. There was always a wide assortment and magnificent array of food! At all of the family Christmas gatherings from my childhood, I can remember having NO LESS than three or four meats to choose from at one time. The selections would vary, but almost always, there was ham AND turkey….and very often chitterlings (chittlins’ ) Other items included duck , goose, hen, and all types of wild game.
The possibilities were endless. One Christmas dinner cooked by my Uncle Jim included all of the traditional favorites along with almost every seafood item known to man! On Christmas Day 1968, at our house, the meal included a whole roasted pig all dressed with a red bow on the neck and an apple in his mouth. I can remember being very upset about Mr. Pig, and because of my emotional distress, Mr.Piggy never joined for holiday dinner gain!



Twenty-nine days to the end of the year and twenty-three before the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. What are your happiest holiday memories? Share your thoughts as well as your Advent prayers in the comment section. Let our guest writers know how you appreciate their messages too. VMM


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