This is Your Wake Up Call!

What’s in a Name?

“And he shale be called…”

Isaiah 9:6 (NIV)

Recently a Facebook friend posted a picture of a beautiful needlework peace she had done of the names of Jesus. The detail was beautiful and the most intriguing thing about the piece was that the artist uses artwork to live with chronic pain. Through her misery, she creates beautiful pieces artwork for patients in children’s hospitals. Her beautiful work brings joy and peace to others, and in turn, she benefits from an out pouring of joy and peace as well.

Enjoy these last few days leading to Christmas Day. As most schools begin to close and offices take time off, the hustle of the season will begin to slow down. As they do, take the time to reflect on the names of Jesus. I have listed several for you to consider. How fascinating it is that one individual can have so many dimensions!

It is one of the delightful mysteries of the season.

The mighty God
The everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace
Son of God

Minister Tracey Bowen

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