This is Your Wake Up Call!

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It’s here. The time during the holidays when things slow down and what is really important comes into focus. Family. Friends. Quality time spent. Love.

My daughter had an English assignment where she had to write about her family holiday traditions. As hard as she tried she could not come up with an actual tradition. She did, however, write about how we regularly go to her grandparents for Sunday dinner. She wrote about how we get together as often as we can to share a meal and enjoy each other’s presence. She went on to say that our holiday gatherings are much like our non-holiday gatherings, concluding that our holidays have no “traditions.” They are an extended expression of our daily family interactions.

Today, after a leisurely afternoon of lunch, tree shopping and later, trimming; after telling my husband that he has dessert duty Christmas Day per his mother in love, which could mean a drunken fruit tart is in order; after almost having to get a Charlie Brown tree because all of them were horrible but that one that stood out calling us to it, I realized that we do have a tradition. Our tradition is loving-kindness shown 365 days a year.

I realized that this norm is what my daughter is accustomed to and it includes her Papa making her glazed duck in the middle of the year just because it’s her favorite therefore making duck on a holiday a norm. Simply put, whenever we are together, memories are created and love is shared genuinely, authentically, passionately. This is our tradition and my fondest holiday memory is the one we just created.

As we settle in these next few days in preparation for our Christmas celebrations, take the time to make memories and share loving-kindness. Smile at strangers, just because. Give a loved one an early gift for the sake of excitement. Purpose in your heart that you will make loving-kindness your daily tradition because love really is what the world needs!

Minister Tracey Bowen Bell
Miami, FL
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