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The Lenten Journey – The Power of One

The Power of One
Romans 5:12-19

Many times we fail to realize just how much power we truly have. How many times have you underestimated your influence in the people most connected to you, and even strangers alike? The scriptures teach us none of us are without sin, but through the gift of grace we have all been united back to God through the gift of redemption by Jesus Christ. Because of one man the entire world suffered death, yet through one man the world received life.
God needs you. He is waiting on you to make a difference and have an impact in this world and in the Kingdom for God’s glory. There is no more time to lose. People are dying and losing hope. There is no more time to waste making excuses. Don’t be like Adam that more people should perish. I exhort you to live in the example of Jesus and share the love of God so more people make come into the full knowledge of who God is and live fully in His promises.
Death had to enter the world so the promise of life could be given. We are all sinners saved by grace. God called us, redeemed us and qualified each of us so we no longer have to live in the shame and condemnation and shame of sin. Receive your power today and share your gift with the world.

LaNicia Williams
Changed Living Ministries
Seattle, WA


If you can’t keep up with your New Testament readings, just go the space that fits you keeping in mind that your want to increase your prayer and study time during this season of Lent! Let me know in the comment action if you’re going to take the Lenten Journey. If you need more information on the Daniel Fast Read thee first three chapters of the book of Daniel and go to Encourage our guest writers in the comments section.

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