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TheLenten Journey – Started With A Promise

Promise: It all started with a promise
Psalm 119:49-72

When was the last time you thought of why you started your Christian experience and what keeps you being a Christian? Where you reading the bible and had an “aha” moment from something you read? Or, did you hear or witness someone’s testimony and you knew that you where a living testimony yourself? Whatever the reason, one thought that may have come to mind would be because of the promise by God that was made to you through his son, Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Think about it! There was something about God’s promise to you, of having everlasting life with him, that made you believe in his word. Continually seeking his word, you now know, his promise hasn’t changed from the moment that you believed until this very moment and his word will continue on. Why? Is it, because you know deep in your heart that his promise will sustain you through good times, bad times and on a simple day of sunshine when all you see is rain? Or, is it the fact that you know that you can call on his word at any time, for hope, strength, comfort, peace and promise?
Think about it! Isn’t it also good that God is so caring that he has listened to your calling and accepted a promise, or two, or three, from you? Thereby, forming an interactive relationship with you built upon honesty and an undeniable love between the two of you. Surely, you consider your relationship with God priceless!

Think about it!

Your relationship with God, it all started with a promise, didn’t it?

Felecia Teasley
Metropolitan Interdenominational Church
Nashville, Tennessee


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  1. Denise Richardson says:

    God is The Promise Keeper.

  2. Pastor Delphine Lynetta Vasser says:

    Thank you for sharing, out of your soul and experience, such a blessing to read. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  3. Diane says:

    So many “takeaways.” My fav? Don’t forget it ALL started w/a promise!” Now I’m singing, “he promised never to leave, never to leave alone. Yes!!!

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