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The Lenten Journey – What’s In Your House?

What’s In Your House?
1 Corinthians 3:16-23

Do you not know you are the temple of God, and the spirit of God lives in you? For many years, I have thought of the temple referenced in this scripture as my body. I offer you another perspective in the context of this passage to understand our temple as a house in which God abides.
The question is not merely asking us if we are taking care of our body. This would be too superficial and not the intimacy intended or desired. Honoring our temple (Bethel) will cause us to be one with our Creator. Art is nothing without the artist. God is, therefore we are. God can exist without us; however we cannot be without God.
God is a spirit of all things possible. There is nothing God has not already done. God just wants to be established in us as to reveal the beauty of His creation. We cannot be tainted and beautiful simultaneously.
The level of intimacy God desires to have with us cannot take root if there is more clutter (hatred, lack of forgiveness, bitterness, etc.) in His house than there is comfort (love, peace and joy, etc.). Can God fill us with more of Himself? Is there enough room for God? Respect your temple; honor God and God will perform a new work in you and through you.

LaNicia Williams
Changed Living Ministries
Seattle, WA


What a week! Remember to stay the course over the weekend. It helps if you invite someone to join you on this journey like a friend, co-worker, spouse or family member. You can pray together, read the Bible together and keep each accountable on the Daniel Fast. There are great recipes for fruit and veggies. Start at

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  1. Lisa says:


    thanks for reminding me that it’s not only food that fills the temple….I’m filling up on joy and gratitude……….making more room for God.

    I love your blog………

    Be blessed

  2. LaNicia says:

    Thank you Lisa! Be blessed.

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