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The Lenten Journey – Self- Sacrifice

Isaiah 50:4-9a

Parents sacrifice some of their liberties to ensure the well being of their children. Jesus also sacrificed, but his gift was greater than what many can imagine. Isaiah also sacrificed in order to follow the commands of God. In doing so God asked us to be obedient to his word regardless of what the situation looks or feels like.

Being obedient to God opens up opportunities for him to work on our behalf, to protect us when it seems that all else has fell. As we choose to be obedient to his word we must realize that the journey will not be easy and we will be faced with opposition.

Although opposition will come God has equipped us with what we need in order to accomplish his plan. We must focus on Him as our protector and vindicator. We will not be put to shame when we are living according his will.
Heavenly Father as we enter into your season of sacrifice let us be attentive to your commands. Keep us uplifted when we are discouraged and seek to through in the towel and give up remind us of Isaiah and the sacrifices made. Let us not be put to shame. Protect and vindicate us as we strive to follow after the Kingdom of God. In Jesus Name Amen

Donna P. Lamb
The Victory Church of Nashville
Nashville, TN


Holy Week is just a few days away. I trust that this Lenten Journey has drawn you closer to the heart of God. If you started and stopped…start again. If you have’t started at all…start now. If you haven’t invited someone to share the journey…do it now. This is the preparation process to grow spiritually and enhance spiritual health.

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Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie


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  1. Pastor Delphine Lynetta Vasser says:

    Powerful Word from the Lord !!! Thank you for sharing, your gift with the body of Christ.

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