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The Lenten Journey – Depend on God!

Stop Depending on Foreign Oil

Dependence on foreign oil is a hot topic right now. The price of oil is expected to continue to increase, which means that everything else will follow suit. The more money it takes for fuel, the more money we will spend on food, travel, clothes, and just about everything else that we buy as consumers. Sure there are a lot of reasons for the increase in the price of oil. It used to be the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We also could blame Osama bin Laden. More recently, we can blame the political turmoil in Egypt and other foreign countries around the world. It is also possible that we have been placing our dependence in the wrong entity all along.

So it is with our belief in God. I recently found myself having to repent to God for allowing myself to place my needs in someone else’s hands besides God. I placed an unrealistic expectation on people to meet needs that God has already promised to provide. It turns out that I had too much doubt and not enough faith. I had assumed control for something that God already had in control.

Doubt is a deadly disease but faith is the healer of any ailment. I continue to learn that it is not about what you can see, but what you believe in your heart. Believing in God brings us to believe in unlimited possibilities because God encompasses everything.

I believe that our dependence on foreign oil must end now. We don’t need to be dependent on anyone else for our resources. If we believe in God, why not believe in the power of God. Ask in the name of Jesus and watch your every need be met.

LaNicia Williams
Seattle, WA


As you enter this last weekend before Resurrection Sunday, continue to be diligent  about your spiritual disciplines: increase prayer tim in the presence of God, continue reading through the New Testament, try the Daniel Fast ( and keep up with the daily devotions written by guest writers in the Read section on this site. Encourage them in the comment section.

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