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The Lenten Journey – Faith over Fear

Faith over Fear
John 19:38-42

John illustrates something very realistic in this pericope of Scripture. He shows us that when we establish a relationship with Jesus Christ our faith overcomes your fears. Here we have two follows of Christ who are known for being afraid. First Joseph of Arimathea who feared the Jewish leaders, and Nicodemus who was so afraid that he is known as the one who came to Jesus by night. But with the death of Jesus both of these men found the courage not only to ask for the Jesus’ body but also to give Him a proper burial. Something special happens when we mature as Christians. The more we seek to know our Lord and Savior, and the deep we long to be like Him, the more our faith over shadows our fears.

I am reminded of several fearful moments that I experienced as a child growing up in the church. The biggest fear of mine was getting up the nerve to walk out in front of the congregation and join the church. As much as I want to become saved and be a baptized believer, the fear of walking out in front of the crowd was enough to delay my decision. Now, that fear of walking toward Christ has turned into a walk of faith with Christ, and the more I walk with Him the stronger my faith grows.
Another time was the fear of singing in the youth choir during Sunday morning worship. The fear was evident in my sweaty palms and the butterflies I felt in my stomach. But the more I learned of whom I was singing about, the less I feared singing and the more I focused on the Savior.

What are your fears today? What fears are keeping you from being what God is calling you to be? We are one day away, from the greatest biblical event in the bible, the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ from the dead. Let us rise up above our fear and show the world our FAITH!

Settle W. Townsend Jr.

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