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Boston Strong – My Name is Victory!

kate_smythe_narrowweb__300x3582Boston Strong! Today is the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. Last year bomb explosions marred the event. Hundreds were injured, some died and many suffered on what should have been a victorious day.

Boston is strong and its residents are bouncing back. What about you? Are you strong? Bouncing back from whatever unexpected thing happened on what should have been a victorious day?

Remember, you’ve got to run and keep running to achieve victory. Yes,I know that it’ easier said then done. Listen and share this message with those still on the field of competition at home or on the job. Subscribe and share with friends. Post this message on FB, Twitter or Digg.

YOUR PRAYER ASSIGNMENT: Pray for those who are competing today in the Boston Marathon. Pray for those who must compete for jobs and  promotions, attention and affection, for food and sustenance, in athletic events  and playoffs. Pray for first responders and for all of us who wrestle against flesh and blood 24/7.

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Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie 


Sometimes you need to unplug to connect with yourself, your family, with God and/or that still small voice that speaks to you concerning your seams and visions. Plan on doing that tomorrow beginning tonight until Thursday night. You can do it!

Choose one thing – television, radio, ipod, internet, texting, tweeting, Face Book or anything with an on and off switch that demands your attention.  Turn it off and turn away for 24 hours beginning tonight when you go to bed. Let the Holy Spirit lead you into what to do with the extra time.

Share your comments and experiences in the comment section!

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. Sis.Sandra says:

    This is a powerful word to all of those running on the narrow track called “Christian” life. While listening to all of the hurdles that this woman had to endure as she pushed forward to the end of the finish line something came to my mind. As human beings I realized that it takes a lot of strength to be a sinner as well as to be a “Christian”.
    Sometimes I sit and watch people in the market place, reality shows on tv, and shows like Americas Most Wanted,Forensics,Almost got away with it,Wicked Attraction and of course the News. Whatever media it happens to be I am completely amazed at how much energy it takes for a person to continue in sin in order to achieve their set goal.I mean folk go through all sorts of hurdles to fulfill the desires of their flesh.No… really…folk go all out… they sometimes leave no detail undone.(and all just to recieve eternal death) What blows my mind is that I never hear them complaining about how much work they have to put forth to kill/rape or rob sally, or some other crime or whatever. Even when they succeeded in their sin,which in all retrospect should be the heaviest part to deal with because now their sinful thoughts have been acted upon and they are now living with the aftershock of their actions and or subconscious thoughts.
    None the less, what I realize is that for many they continue on in their sins while seemingly a few of them become converted by their guilt. What am I saying? I am saying that this message reveals to me that victory starts in the mind and in the heart/will of a man. Jesus bore and endured the cross not because of HIS external strength but because of HIS internal strength. His mindset was “NOT my will but thy Will be done”.
    From this day on when challenged with a task I am determined to surrender my will to the perfect will of God in order that I may compete,complete,and breakthrough the finish line of Gods desired end for my life. (This is the hardest task of the believer to accomplish some times I do believe)My goal is to finish my course and get on!!! For I have a room in my Fathers house that awaits me. (Thank you for calling and please call again… have a blessed day)

  2. Rev. Thelma Maxwell says:

    Life can be painful. Thank you for a word of encouragement.

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Mornings can be challenging! There are loud alarms, buzzers and ring tones that can be hazardous to your sanity. They are however, a necessary means to rise and shine on time.

There is the dressing and pressing your way through a morning matrix that includes but is not limited to becoming conscious, coherent and centered before facing rush hour, co-workers, neighbors, public transportation, meetings, reports, housework, kids, car pools, schedules, assorted personalities who live with or near you and breakfast. What’s breakfast?! It is just so much to do in so little time.

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