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Praycation – Porcupine People

“How do you love a porcupine,” asked someone a long time ago. “Very carefully.” Came the reply. Porcupines want to love and be loved but they end up hurting everyone they hug. Love can be a threat so they roll themselves up into a ball. No matter how you approach them, you’ll get stuck one way or another. The atmosphere of safety and security is the only way to coax them to loosen up to see the world with potential and not just problems.

Loved any porcupines lately? Porcupines are the hard to love people of the world. They are everywhere. You will find porcupine people at work, at home, in the neighborhood and in church.

They do not make it easy for you to reach beyond their abrasive words, abrupt actions and arrogant attitudes. You want to let them experience the love of God and others but they reject all attempts.

Let’s ask God to help us today to get past the needles, the barriers people erect to keep love out and never let love in. Show us how to handle porcupine people so we do not get stuck or hurt because of their fears or unresolved issues. Show when to leave the porcupine people well enough alone. Help us with any and all porcupine tendencies in our own lives. Let me paraphrase this verse: Blessed are those who are porcupined for my sake….

Welcome to Praycation! Today pray for all porcupine people and even the porcupine in you!

“Beloved let us love one another, for love is from God…”
I John 4:7

Dear God,

Open our eyes today to the time in which we live. Help us to see our brother’s needs and our sister’s concerns. Help us to do unto the least of these, those who are hungry, thirsty and held captive by physical and social incarceration. Help us to remember those who cannot do for themselves because of age and infirmity.

Grow us beyond indifference to compassion so that the love of God is shown through whom we are and what we do. Help our hearts to understand what is at stake so we can focus our witness and work as an outreach of love.

In the name of Him, who is love, Amen

Bisop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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