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The Lenten Journey 2015 – Righteous Living

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Matthew 6:1-6

When we look at the way we live as Christians, we don’t use a magnifying glass for the whole world to examine us. Instead, we use a mirror where we can examine ourselves. Our outward act of kindness does not depict how well we live as disciples’ of Christ but what does is our humbleness from within. Jesus was out best example of this in Matthew 20:28a “For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,” Righteous living is just that serving because it is within us to serve and not for profit or gain.

Our passage of Scripture teaches us that Righteous Living comes from our relationship with the Jesus Christ. Our relationship with Christ is one of a personal relationship. Just as a new couple that is beginning a life together as one, it is wise if they don’t inform everybody on the outside of things they decide together. So it is with a personal relationship with Christ. Everybody does not need to know and see all that transpires within that relationship. It is human to be excited about the new relationship with Christ and that is okay, but everything you do for Christ does not need to broadcast. Public recognition does not validate our righteousness that validation comes from only God.

Matthew gives two examples of public service which could easily entice us to warrant public approval, giving and praying. There are no philanthropists within the body of Christ. Although they may mean well, most of their good deeds are rewarded with some sort of acknowledgement or recognition. When benevolence is giving it should be giving out of love and in secret. What profits helping someone who is in need and then embarrassing them for being in want? Again, a great example is Jesus Himself. He often performed miracles and then told those whom He blessed to see to it that no one knows about the very act in which He blessed them.

The second was example was prayer. The way to impress those that maybe listening to our prayers is not by using prophetic terminology or an intensive vocabulary but by having God answer those prayers. God answer those prayers that come from honest and fervent Christians, not from those who sound like they can pray. Prayers whether in public or private should not be prayed to be impressive but they should be prayers out of intimacy. That’s righteous living.

Let Us Pray: 

Dear Heavenly Father, help me to live a life in public not for form or fashion but solely to be pleasing to You. I pray that all that I do is done with the thought that it is better to be served than to be served, asking daily how would Jesus respond to the day’s challenges. May I grow to be more and more like Him each day. In Your son Jesus’ name, Amen

Reverend Doctor Settle W. Townsend Jr. 

Auburn Avenue Baptist Church

216 East Auburn Avenue

Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311


Beloved, sit silently today in the presence of God in this genesis of the Lenten season. Listen instead of talking to God. Be still in the morning to hear your marching order for the day. Meditate of God’s word in the evening to be refreshed. Start your Daniel Fast. For more information go to

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Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. David Stout says:

    Thank you for a very timely and well said thought. Blessings to you and your congregation.

  2. P Broadnax says:

    Amen! Good word.

  3. Jasper E. Armwood, Sr. says:

    Bless the Lord and I thank you for the Word. May the Lord continue to bless you and all that you do.

  4. Gene Moore says:

    I appreciate the encouraging Word. Right on time.
    Bless you man.

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