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The Lenten Journey 2015 – Vertical and Horizontal Limits

get-attachment-14.aspx_2-199x200The Way of the C.R.O.S.S. – Creating Renewal Opportunities to Strengthen your Spirit and Soul 
St, Mark 1:9-15

A vertical line bisected by a horizontal line forms the sign of a cross. The sign of the cross most notably is recognized as the instrument upon which the death of Christ was facilitated. In some ways the sign of the cross also reflects how the life of one called to ministry as well as, believers in general, can and will be stretched to it’s horizontal and vertical limits.

In today’s text we see Jesus at the inauguration of His earthy ministry. What a tremendous spiritual high it must have been to be first baptized, then affirmed as a “Beloved Son” and finally, sanctioned by the Holy Spirit to complete His destiny and purpose.

Immediately however, He is driven into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan for forty days. He goes from being vertically raised and filled, to now being horizontally stretched and completely emptied out. Yet, He is not alone; He is with the wild beast while angels ministered to Him.

Many that are called and are on the path of destiny and purpose will find this scenario played out in their life time and time again. We experience tremendous spiritual heights followed by sometimes-seemly torturous circumstances that stretch us to our limits. It is at this very point that we must seek to create renewal opportunities to strengthen our spirit and soul! It is when we are poured out and emptied, that we are positioned to be filled and renewed again.

Every cross has an axis point! Allow me to suggest three axis points to remember the next time we find ourselves at our proverbial horizontal and vertical limits.

PRAY constantly and consistently
• REST, recuperate and make every effort to rejuvenate
• FOCUS on what you are going TO; not what you’ve gone THROUGH

Father God, may this year’s Lenten Journey be one that takes us to new spiritual heights never before experienced and expand our reach and influence beyond our ability to perceive or imagine! We are open to more and asking that you fill us while you stretch us! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Elder Perry D. Broadnax
Director of Pastoral Care
The Victory Church of Nashville, Inc.
Nashville, Tennessee


get-attachment-1.aspxIf you want things to be different you have to do different! Take the Lenten Journey and stretch out on your spiritual disciplines of prayer, Daniel Fasting (, meditation, study, praise and worship. Let me know you’re on the journey!

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  1. Rev. Pattie Hardimon says:

    Great word

    I am on the journey.

    Thank you for the Lenten Journey

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