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The Lenten Journey 2015 – An Established Covennant

2_22_2015_Lanicia WilliamsGenesis 9:8-17

At a time when my faith has faltered, I had been asked to seek for myself and give to others encouragement on the promises of God. Not too long ago, I saw two rainbows in one day. A couple days later I saw another one. I remember asking myself how God could love me so much; yet allow circumstances to cause me to doubt the fact he loves me at all.

Growing in my experience with God has taught me how to recognize God in the signs of His covenant to me. I find myself convicted of doubting God even though God continues to remind me of His promises to me. Discouragement comes when I’m focused on what I’m waiting for God to do something rather than having confidence in who God is: a Promise Keeper.

We are bound to God by a covenant God gave to each of us. One of God’s greatest love languages is revealing Himself to us. Every sign from God is a sign of God. We embrace the rainbow, the sign of the covenant God established with Noah. God made a promise to Noah and God has done the same for both you and me.
I encourage you (and myself) in believing God has not forgotten you. Every promise God has made has already been established. God’s grace is sufficient enough for us even when we feel less than worthy of Him. Remember the established covenant and God’s promises to you. God will not fail you.

Let us Pray:
Eternal Father, I am thankful that you are a god of covenant. Where we are not faithful, you are and no matter what our circumstances look like, You assure us that all things work for our good.
LaNicia Williams
Changed Living Ministries
Wheeler, OR


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  1. Pastor Delphine Lynetta Vasser says:

    Thank you for the inspirational message reminding us of the Covenant which was established between God and Noah. May God continue to bless your ministry and the work of thy hands.

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