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The Lenten Journey 2015 – Favor IS Fair

R_Butler 2_26_2015Favor IS Fair
Genesis 39:1-23

Hearing the phrase “favor ain’t fair” was synonymous with the Christian church no matter what denomination I was in. Being that my spiritual formation consists of Presbyterian, Holiness, COGIC, Baptist, Non-denominational and AME; having something to hold on to that was consistent across the board was refreshing. No matter who said it or when, being told that favor wasn’t fair defined a major blessing that someone just took hold of. Whether it was a job promotion, a wonderful spouse, a financial windfall, being picked for a high position or even receiving grace for a speeding ticket; it was attributed to favor, and it wasn’t fair.

My brothers and my sisters, after reading the story of Joseph, I’m compelled to believe that favor is most definitely fair. In this short passage of scripture, we are told that Joseph became the attendant of his Egyptian master by being in charge of his household; then though he was thrown into prison over a lie, he became in charge over all those that were in the prison with him. The thing I found most astonishing is that in some way, shape or form, it is mentioned at least 5 times that the Lord was with Joseph and that he found favor.

I am encouraged to know that when God has hand-picked you, it doesn’t matter what the things around you look like, sound like, taste like, feel like or smell like; if God wants to bless you…it’s fair. When you follow His commandments…it’s fair. When you are obedient to His Word…it’s fair. When you serve Him with your whole heart, and serve Him only…it’s fair. God rewards those who diligently seek Him and if He wants to reward you for that diligence…it’s fair.

Let’s stop putting God in a box and limiting what He can and cannot do by attempting to regulate how He chooses to bless us and others. We must eliminate the box and understand that favor IS fair; and however He blesses us, we will be satisfied.

Rev. Raushanah N. Butler
The Cathedral of Turner Chapel AME
Marietta, GA


Today, slow your rush, hurry and swift movements to sit still in the presence of the Lord. Try it at least once a day in prayer. Instead of talking to God, listen, listen and listen some more. God has been trying to get through but you’ve been so busy lately……

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Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. Favor beyond measure. Listening closely in prayer.

  2. PBroandax says:

    Well stated and I concur! IT IS FAIR!!!!

  3. Padtor Delphine L. Vasser says:

    Thank you for sharing, as I read your devotions this morning, I find it so true that Favor is Fair!!!! May God bless the works of your hands.

  4. Rev. Raushanah N. Butler says:

    I am deeply humbled by your replies and am grateful for the encouragement. Thank you and praise God

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