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The Lenten Journey 2015 – God’s Fool

Belim1 Corinthians 3:18

Don’t fool yourself. Don’t think that you can be wise merely by being up-to-date with the times. Be God’s fool—that’s the path to true wisdom is how The Message Bible puts it.

Growing up during my teenage years, I was not the normal teenager doing things that normal teenagers would do. I was not up-to-date with the latest television shows and gossip. My friends from school would call me plain and boring because I wasn’t current in the television shows, nor the hottest gossip going around school.

I figured this was because I was apart of every youth organization in church and I went to every youth service in the community. I was at church from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. I can remember my friends in high school always inviting me out but I always had to turn them down, as I would already have plans to go to service or meeting or rehearsals.

My friends from high school would call me a Jesus Freak. I couldn’t help but to think about this when I read that part of the text about being God’s fool because that is how I would describe myself when I was in my teenage years and even now.

Sometimes we turn to the ways of the world and loose our sense of being the Godly Fool that we are suppose to be and become worldly fools. We have to turn away from the ways of the world and turn to the ways of God by revisiting those things that got us to where we are now in our Christian journey. If we prayed and fasted for the things that we wanted in the past, then we have to go back to praying and fasting for the things that we want now.

Licentiate Bria Belim
Charles Street AME Church
Boston, Massachusetts

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  1. Beverly Washington says:

    Words of wisdom from a young sister. I pray God’s continued blessing for you on this Christian journey!

  2. Pastor Delphine Lynetta Vasser says:

    Thank you for sharing, May God continue to bless you and the Work pf thy Hands,

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