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The Lenten Journey 2015 – Thin Places

2_21_2015_Katherine Ellington (2015)Awe: Thin Places
Matthew 17: 1-9

Lent means spring. As a season of preparation the Lenten journey can open opportunities for clearing, cleaning and self-care. This season can mean a time of renewal. Disrupting life schedules for Bible study, prayer, reflection and clearing the table to fast remove us from our comfort zones. The inward journey yields more sensitivity to others and our environment. Some anticipate the spectacular while others wait with expectation for that moment of change when all of sudden everything will be different and better. Yet, spiritual encounters allow us to see beyond ourselves and to experience thin places:

“To seek such places is the vocation of the wise and the good — and for those that find them, the clearest communication between the temporal and eternal. Mountains and rivers are particularly favored as thin places marking invariably as they do, the horizontal and perpendicular frontiers…perhaps the ultimate of these thin places in the human condition are the experiences people are likely to have as they encounter suffering, joy, and mystery.”

Rev. Peter J. Gomes, The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart

Thin places can leave us catching our breath, shedding a tear, laughing with joy or speechless. These moments overwhelm our senses with awe and defy words, but can enable meaning into the depths of our lives. The situations that move us from awe to forgive, try again, love, heal, accept loss or joy and have more faith in Christ. Whether we are taking in the sunrise, listening to music, on a quiet walk or in solitude such experiences happens in an unforeseen, unplanned moment.

Thin places are at the boundary of the unknown and known of our existence where we learn experientially more about uncertainty and increase our faith with outward strength for the journey in the days ahead.

Katherine Ellington
New York, NY

Stay the course even if it looks like winter when you know in your heart spring is on the way! Be encouraged if you live in a place where cold temperatures, sleet, ice and snow refuse to submit. Think warm and safe thoughts during this Lenten season. Encourage out guest bloggers in the comment section and share these daily messages in your social network. Keep up at

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. Rev. Patsy Brown says:

    Katherine Ellington,
    This was a very insightful and helpful message for me.
    Be blessed!!!

  2. Pastor Delphine Lynetta Vasser says:

    This was truly a timely word!!!

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