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The Lenten Journey 2015 – No Matter What, Have Faith In God!

get-attachment-26.aspx_-160x2003Romans 4:13-17
No matter what, have faith in God
Thinking on this text, I referred back to the amazing Christian life of Abraham and his continual faith in God and his belief in the promise that God made to him. Regardless of the circumstance or sacrifice that Abraham had to make, he had an unbreakable faith in God. Graciously, God observed and witness Abraham’s faith during these times and Abraham did not disappoint him. No matter what, Abraham had faith in God’s promise: “As it is written: I have appointed you to be the father of many nations…” (Romans 4:17) God wanted Abraham to believe in him and he did, no matter what. And, Abraham was blessed through his faith in God.

No matter what, do you have the faith that Abraham had in God’? Or, do you let the simplest things tether you away from your blessings and regret when you see what could have happened if you didn’t break your faith. Believe in God’s word directly to you. You are already a descendent of Abraham. Therefore, you are covered by the word of God. But, you must have faith like Abraham to receive God’s promise.

Refer back to the life of Abraham in situations when tested. Be steadfast and don’t let fear shy you away from destiny. Moreover, when you think that unforeseen good things can’t happen for you, remember God is …“the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that don’t exist into existence.” (Romans 4:17) You too can be blessed by God!

Be pleasing in God’s eyes like Abraham was and have no matter what faith in God’s word.

Felecia Teasley
Metropolitan Interdenominational Church
Nashville, Tennessee

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