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The Lenten Journey 2015 – “The Blindness of Our Purpose” « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Lenten Journey 2015 – “The Blindness of Our Purpose”

get-attachment-22.aspxJohn 9: 1-12

It’s amazing how the truth of our purpose can be hidden in our circumstances. How many times have we found ourselves struggling with our issues not knowing that God is going to use our situation or our problems as the catalyst to bring us closer to our blessing or perhaps reveal our purpose in life? Sometimes your biggest problem is really your greatest testimony, it’s all in how you view things.

I have on many occasions missed the purposed blessing that God has placed in my life all because I was too blinded by the weight and severity of my own problem, that I simply failed to see the hand of God. While I was complaining about the pain I was experiencing this past summer from the amount of weight I had lost in such a small amount of time, I didn’t notice that I was actually losing weight! Let alone did it cross my mind that even though I was experiencing pain in my legs, and was forced to walk on a cane for several months, struggling to sit or stand, and having difficulty walking long or short distances, in spite of it all God was keeping me, and God was giving me the strength to make it each day, even though I was in constant, unbearable, excruciating, nagging, getting on my nerves, I feeling like killing myself PAIN!!!

As a believer in Christ, you must be willing to accept that even though things do not make sense to you right now, God is in control, and everything will work out in God’s timing. This text shows us a man from birth who was blind and because of his blindness was forced to beg for help every day. People who knew him questioned who was at fault for his blindness, but Jesus accurately clears up the matter by revealing to the people, that his purpose in life was to be one of God’s many character witnesses to the miraculous things that Christ would do. It wasn’t that he sinned or that his father and mother sinned, God allowed him to be born blind, and gave the responsibility of his care to those who with a kind heart were willing to give him their pocket change, so that one day Jesus could walk by and call upon him to testify with his life, the power of God through his son Jesus Christ.

The healing of this man is for us today the power of purpose, no matter where you are in life, God has ordained for you a specific purpose that your life must fulfill before you die. In each and everyone one of us there is a spark of grace that helps us to meet that purpose though we face hard and challenging circumstances. Life was not designed to be a bed of roses; therefore we must with pit bull tenacity and with the fullness of our brevity trust God, and to believe that while we may be temporarily blind, we are nevertheless, full of purpose. Therefore, become a confident Christian by recognizing that your struggles are not for your defeat, they are simply character witnesses that prove the validity of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Brandon A.A. J. Davis, DMIN, Senior Pastor
Wayman AME Church, Wheeling, West Virginia

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  1. Eld.P Broadnax says:

    “It’s amazing how the truth of our purpose can be hidden in our circumstances.” Wow, what a power thesis statement! Great word!

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