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The Lenten Journey 2015 – A New Life

BrisEzekiel 37:14

“I will put MY spirit in you and you will live” is all that you and I need to hear as we Create Renewal Opportunities to strengthen our Spirit and Soul. The prefix “re” means again.

In order to do something for the second time, it has to be done the first time. There is one thing that we all must do and that is to renew our licenses when it has expired after so many years. And once we do this, we are cleared to drive for another 4 years or so.

But I submit to you that the MAIN thing that must be renewed is our spiritual walk with God. We are called to renew our bodies, minds, and souls and that can be done when we pray, fast, and read God’s word.

During the 40 days and 40 nights while Jesus was in the wilderness and tempted by the devil, He was able to spend time alone with God and not only resist the devil but also have His spiritual walk renewed.

There are times in our lives when we must steal away to Jesus and have our own times of fasting and being with Jesus and when this happens, we can allow Him to fill us with his Spirit so that we can live again but this time be filled with the Spirit. When we take the time to create renewal opportunities then we can strengthen our spirit and our soul.

I encourage you to take this Lenten season to create opportunities that will help you be renewed every time you are feeling disconnected from God.

Let us pray:

Dear Lord, please help us to find ways to reconnect with You when we feel disconnected from You! Help us to renew our spirits with You daily through the reading of Your word and praying to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Licentiate Bria Belim
Charles Street AME Church
Boston, Massachusetts


We are not far for our Holy Week messages. This is a good time to catch up on your reading of God’s Word, keeping up with your daily prayer discipline, the Daniel Fast and substantive sacrifices. Encourage our guest bloggers in the comment section and also share your Lenten experiences. How has God revealed God-self in new and important ways to you during this season? Let me know!

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  1. Presiding Elder Chuma Okoli says:

    Breathe on me breath of God! Fill me with life anew, that I may love what thou has loved and do what Thou wouldst do! Thank you Licensiate Bria Belim! Powerful!

  2. Pastor Delphine Lynetta Vasser says:

    Thank you for sharing a very inspiration devotional. Showers of Blessings

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